Clermont County Ohio
(513) 553-2300

Civic Center Hall

Reservations for the Civic Center Hall can be made by contacting:
Emily Niehaus at (513) 553-6569 or (513) 550-6569

PLEASE NOTE: There will be a $50 deposit required for rental of the Township Hall. We are accepting only check or money order, made out to Ohio Township. There is a "drop box" inside the first set of glass doors on side of Fire House building, which will be clearly marked. The deposit is due 1 week before the date you have reserved, and after use if everything is as you found it, your check will be returned to you. If money order is used, we will cut a check and return your deposit to you within 10 days. Key pickup will continue to be at 1131 Little Indian Creek Road.


• Address is 1131 Little Indian Creek Road
• East on 52 until you get to Adamson Rd.
• Turn left and cross over 52 and turn right on Old US 52 Spur
• Go About 1000 feet and turn left onto Little Indian Creek Rd.
• 2nd driveway on the right is where the Ohio Township Mailbox is located (directly behind our personal stone mailbox,sign is on side of mailbox). This is where you will return the notebook as well.

Ohio Township residents may reserve the Civic Center Hall or Township Park Shelter starting January 2nd of each year.   The normal reservation period is from the 3rd weekend in March until the 3rd weekend in December. This allows us time to do any maintenance or repairs that may be needed during this time.

Check availabilty on the Civic Center Hall Reservation calendar.